• Meeting
    Product Marketing

    Understand the touchpoints to reach your product's end users at the various stages of the product life cycle. Make your product sell itself to your customers.

  • Globe
    Technology Today is a Maze

    Technologies offer multiple solutions to the same needs, but how many are replicable? As technologies grow, the complexity grows along, and the challenges as well.

  • Chip
    End-to-End Product Design

    Does your design process cover all the aspects - design tradeoffs, key risks, assumptions, etc. through each phase of your product's development?

  • Upcoming Workshop

    How To Design Your Own Electronic Hardware Product

    This unique course is about end-to-end hardware product development. These days, a given person's academic education and career...


  • Hardware Product Design

    Do you have a simplified, but systematic, process to design your next hardware product? The design process should be an one-way funnel, never having to go back to the white board.

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